Author: Bert Speckels
Released: 07.03.2004
License: GPL
Requires: KDE >= 3.1, Qt >= 3.1
Current Version
0.5.3 "Society"
The complete ChangeLog
Next Version
0.6 ?
2004 :-)
maybe something from the wishlist and (of course) bug fixes.

KickPIM is a panel applet for quickly editing and accessing the KDE addressbook or sending emails to your contacts. It shows also a list of upcoming birthdays and waiting emails of multiple email-accounts.

Known Bugs
The following list contains most important bugs you or I have found. It might not be complete.
  • Problems when monitoring IMAP Mail Account of the provider "GMX" (more feedback requested!)
  • Some texts are not translated to other languages
07.03.2004 - Version 0.5.3 released: "Society"
This long awaited version introduces one new feature (MBox support) and some bugfixes concerning KDE 3.2, settings and more.
22.12.2003 - I wish you a merry christmas :)
I wish everyone nice holidays and a happy new year. I am sorry that the next version of KickPIM is not ready until 2004 but I want to spend some more time on bug fixing before I release it.
1.12.2003 - KickPIM is Application Of The Month "December"
KickPIM is honored as the App Of The Month at the German KDE Homepage (www.kde.de). There you can find an introduction into KickPIM and a short interview with me (in german). Have fun!
26.11.2003 - Version 0.5.1 released: "Infornography"
The new version is mainly a buxfix release (see ChangeLog) but also introduces a new features: The categories for contacts can now be used to filter your list of contacts. Have fun!
16.11.2003 - New KickPIM Homepage
I redesigned this website. I hope this design is more clearly arranged and animates you to participate in the development process by sending bug reports, feature wiches as well as asking questions.
5.11.2003 - Version 0.5 released: "Connected"
After a long time of silence I am proud to announce the next version of KickPIM with mailchecker support, currently for the POP3 and IMAP protocol. This version fixes also a pack of bugs. Have a look at the complete ChangeLog!
30.10.2003 - Beta of KickPIM 0.5 is ready for testing
I released a beta version of KickPIM 0.5 for everyone who wants to try.
20.10.2003 - Version 0.5 will be out soon
I am back :-) After starting a new job and after a relocation inside the city of Oldenburg (Germany) I am now making KickPIM ready for a 0.5-Release. It will include an email checker for at least POP3.